Who we are

Here is how we do business:

Each garment is so unique, it is made of different kind of fabrics. It could be made of cellulose (plants), animals or manmade fibers. Fabrics made of an animal hair do clean well with dry cleaning solvent, cellulose fabrics clean well with professional wet cleaning, and manmade fabrics clean well with both.

Here is the catch:

Assuming your garment is made of an animal hair but you have more than three days old water based stain on it, you then take it to the dry cleaners, the stain is more likely to be permanent and not able to be removed. In this case it would be better if you take it to the professional wet cleaners. They will remove water based stains 99% because they dissolve better in water. But it is different with oily stains. Since the oil and water do not get along with each other, the oil based stains on cellulose fabrics are hard to remove in professional wet cleaning, they need dry cleaning instead.

Why choose us

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    This is where we come in:
    We are equipped with Organic Dry Cleaning which uses hydrocarbon as a solvent to serve dry side and Professional Wet Cleaning system to take care of wet side cleaning.
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    What this means to you:
    Whichever garment you bring to us, we will take care of it properly. We don't just throw everything into one machine to clean and place the "We are sorry, we tried" tags on the stains that did not go away. We clean different fabrics and remove different stains. We will take care of your investment safely and give your clothes back their original feeling.
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    What could go wrong?
    If you mistreat a stain while cleaning it the first time, it could set the stain permanently, and it could never be removed completely. A mistreated fabric could color-fade, shrink, and loose its shape. To avoid all these mistakes people choose www.WestSeattleCleaners.com. You will not have any worries.