Tracy W.
Tragedy with a happy ending...it was a brand new silk white (yeah, of course it was white) blouse and a glass of red wine that went flying across the table...all over the blouse and I mean ALL over. Awkward!!!! So I figured there goes $250 down the drain. [...]
Pamela B.
After moving to West Seattle a few years ago (and leaving our beloved Madison Park cleaners behind), I had a hard time finding a local cleaner that didn't destroy my husband's expensive work shirts on a weekly basis (i.e. breaking buttons, [...]
Katie H.
I want 3 things from a dry cleaner: 1) Clean my clothes, 2) Meet your stated deadline, 3) Be nice to me. West Seattle Cleaners excels at all 3, and they are my go-to dry cleaners, even if they aren't the closest to me. [...]
Taylor C.
Everything you want from a dry cleaners: quick turnaround time, great customer service, decent prices and dependable results... I had called three other cleaners in West Seattle on Saturday morning [...]