• Dry Cleaning
    Every item receives individual attention. We start by inspecting for stains. Each type of stain requires a different treatment. A coffee stain, for instance, may require up to three processes: one to remove the coffee, one to treat milk or cream, and another to address sugar. That's why our technicians use a wide range of tools to break down and remove stains without harming the fabric.Then, we choose the right cleaning method for each item. For garments with delicate beadwork or embroidery, we combine different cleaning methods to give you the best results. Finishing touches After cleaning, inspectors look over each piece. If it doesn't meet their critical eye, the item returns to the stain removal board. Only when we are satisfied do we release your garments for hand pressing and finishing, followed by custom packaging.
  • Wet Cleaning
    West Seattle Cleaners is happy to offer professional wet cleaning services. Wet cleaning is a highly involved, water-based cleaning method, requiring special equipment and technicians trained in this style of garment care. That's just one reason most dry cleaners don't offer this service.
  • Shirt Laundering
    West Seattle Cleaners offers three levels of shirt laundering: silver, gold and platinum. After inspecting and pre-treating any stains, we clean all men and women shirts with our gentle Professional Wet Cleaning process. Once they pass the final quality inspection, shirts are either machine or hand pressed, according to the service selected.